Man Shocked to Discover Mold in Child's Capri Sun Pouch

2021-12-28 07:42:32 By : Mr. Manager Export

A TikTok user's mold discovery at the bottom of a child's Capri-Sun has gone viral, gaining over 8 million views.

Victor Marcelo Aguil shared the video to his TikTok account on July 21, first showing the pumped up pouch to the camera. "So I had a full Capri Sun like this the other day and it was swelling up. I ended up having some nasty fungus s**t in here and I feel like this one's going to as well," he said.

After, he cut open the pouch at the top, showing the contents to the camera including a floating solid, which appeared to be mold. He then poured the liquid into a cup, causing the mold to make a noise as it dropped in.

"This is bulls**t, the kids are drinking this," he said.

Although Aguil called it fungus, the growth in question was likely food mold, which can occur due to Capri Sun's lack of artificial preservatives. According to the company's page dedicated to mold, "naturally occurring mold can develop when the drink is exposed to air. The same thing happens to a piece of fruit, like and apple or a strawberry, when left outside. After time, mold starts to grow."

"If the pouch is punctured or compromised, it's possible for food mold to grow inside. A puncture can happen on the way from our facilities to the grocery store, or once it has arrived. Even if the hole is minuscule, it will expose the drink to air, which will cause mold to grow. The mold that can grow inside the pouch is naturally occurring and not harmful."

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Capri Suns do not need to be kept in a fridge and are able to be stored at room temperatures due to the pouch design. As the website states: "Staying chilled is also not a problem for Capri-Sun drinks, as our pouches are designed to keep their contents cooler than other types of packaging, even when they're not refrigerated."

However, Aguil insisted that he played it ultra-safe in a follow-up video, explaining that he handled and stored the Capri Suns correctly, saying: "It went straight from the store, into my fridge three days prior to that video."

Aguil updated Tuesday that Capri Sun contacted him via a phone call and tracked down where the batch came from. The Capri Sun employee told him that the most likely scenario is that somewhere along the production line the pouches weren't sealed properly, allowing air to enter them. She also allegedly said that a quality control officer would be looking into what happened and "what went wrong."

Since 2014, Capri Suns have had clear bottoms which allow customers to check the contents before drinking, if preferred.

Newsweek contacted Capri Sun for comment.

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