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2021-10-26 02:01:33 By : Mr. XJ Fiber

German thermoforming machine manufacturer Kiefel GmbH plans to acquire all shares of Austrian injection molds, blow molding machines and molds, and thermoforming downstream equipment manufacturer Mold & Matic Solutions GmbH from Haidlmair Group.

The two companies have signed a purchase agreement, which is still subject to government approval.

Located in Micheldorf, Austria, Mold & Matic is a supplier of molds and automation equipment for the packaging industry. In 2014, Haidlmair bought a 50% stake in Mold & Matic from its partner Greiner Packaging International GmbH. The business has been operating as part of the Haidlmair Group.

Kiefel is part of Brückner Group and is headquartered in Freilassing, Germany. Haidlmair is headquartered in Nussbach, Austria.

The two companies announced the deal on March 7. Terms were not disclosed.

Kiefel CEO Thomas Halletz stated that Mold & Matic has supplemented Kiefel's packaging product line.

"This, together with the recent acquisition of Bosch Sprang, constitutes an important milestone in our efforts to provide customers with complete systems and services from a single source-from product development to downstream equipment," Halletz said in a press release.

Haidlmair Group is more focused on its core business-large injection molds for beverage bottle packaging, recycling bins and auto parts.

CEO Mario Haidlmair stated that Mold & Matic would be a perfect fit for its new owner, a family company like Haidlmair.

The Brückner Group, headquartered in Siegsdorf, Germany, is a global manufacturer of equipment and factory systems for the packaging and plastics industries. In addition to Kiefel, its other divisions also produce film stretching machinery and services, as well as other types of packaging machinery.

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